Agile in The Sun

As the world progresses, the need to adapt, improve, respond to change and keep up with the marketplace becomes more and more relevant. The need to be agile in every facet of life, not just in business becomes more and more clear –  this is what gave birth to Agile in the Sun.

As experienced Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters who have worked in the agile domain, for many years, we have seen the need for experienced and engaging training, coaching, mentoring & facilitation to cater to all business needs, not just tech, but every angle and every department. An entire company should be agile, not just the traditional tech area.

At Agile in the Sun we strive to be your friend, not just a business partner or trainer. We will get to know you, laugh with you, help you grow and help you succeed. We are driven by our personal goal to see you happy and productive and will make sure everyone has fun.

See below our approach and click for a more detailed explanation:


Why us?

Our trainers, facilitators and coaches have experience from all over the world such as Australia, Germany, Russia and Sweden. We have worked for many companies in different industries – automotive, legal, tech and travel. Building them into successful and thriving agile driven companies.

  • We offer trainings in sunny parts of the world where your family is welcome and will be entertained while you learn and grow
  • We can come to you and train your teams, departments or entire company
  • We offer coaching for as long as you need us, we strive to make ourselves redundant, as when you no longer need us, our job is done
  • Have a specific problem? We can come to you analyse the problem and work with you to resolve it