Are you tired of not knowing what’s going on? 
Or are you tired of not having an organized way of handling your workflow?

Then this half-day training is something for you!

When you have participated in this training, you will have:

  • a general understanding what Kanban is
  • a Kanban board for you or your team
  • tools to implement and coach your team in working with Kanban


Kanban, which originated in the manufacturing industry, is an increasingly popular tool for controlling a flow of operations. Kanban focuses on visualizing the flow, attacking bottlenecks and reducing the amount of work in progress, with the aim to shorten the lead time.

Flexibility and simplicity makes Kanban work well in a wide range of activities, from sales to development, operation and management. It provides a high level of visualization, which makes it easier for teams to contribute to better decision making and simplifying improvement over time.

Kanban is based on a few basic principles that we will work with during the course:

  • Visualize work. By showing what is being worked with and what is the priority so it will be easier for the team to decide what to do
  • Improve whole flow instead of focusing on the parts
  • Limit work in progress, so that things are ready quickly and it becomes easier for the organization to prioritize the team’s work

In this half-day course will teach you how to start with and to use Kanban to visualize, control and streamline workflow. The main objective of the course is to give you a simple tool that you can quickly apply to you or your team to streamline your daily work.


The course is mixing theory with discussions and practical exercises where participants assume their organizational reality and gradually build up their own Kanban systems.

Target group

Everybody that want a simple way to visualize their work and be able to improve that workflow.